This is our current madrasa project going on in Indonesia and open to every individual to have a share in this charity.


Serang – Indonesia Girls’ Madrasa Project

Building area: 4149m2
Building space: 1010m2
Total area of building: 2026m2
Floors: 2
Total capacity: 120
Starting date: 21.02.2022
Planned finishing date: 01.08.2023

Sulaimaniyah Tahfiz Foundation establishes the Islamic boarding schools of the Tahfidz Al-Quran using the method of memorizing from the Ottoman style, as well as providing educational scholarships to students. For more information please visit:

We are currently building the Girls’ Madrasah in Serang. We ask you to participate in providing assistance and contributions to the construction of this madrasah in Serang.

Zakat Eligible

Charity given for such contribution in madrasah building is also considered as “Zakat Eligible” charity, hence, if you wish you could specifically intent (niyat) in your heart for Zakat charity purpose, so that it can be considered as Zakat.

Newly Finished Project – Serang Tahfidz Al-Quran Madrasah for Boys

Opening ceramony and internal view

Ribbon cutting and VIP guest signing the board


One of the study rooms

  • Completed 21% 21%
Raised Project Target
SGD 32,700 SGD 150,000
Latest update on: 29 May 2023

Existing project still needs 150,000 SGD (Total project is 1.1 million SGD) to complete on time as of today 15 November 2022. Madrasa has been collecting funds from Australia, Europe and Singapore, as well.

Construction view Jan’18

Construction view Jan’18

Construction view Oct’22

Construction view Oct’22

Recently Completed Projects

With the helping hands of members of public, we completed our recent madrasah project in Jawa Tengah – Indonesia in 2019.

Having building facility area of approx. 1900 m2, it is serving around 100 madrasas students who are residing in the same premise and continuing in islamic studies in their day to day curriculum.

Helping hands from local public, Singapore and other overseas locations made this project possible to complete.

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